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An inventive content-sharing ecosystem to connect brands and users easily through consumer-generated shoppable videos using smart contracts and a common currency

Users (Content Creators) upload videos of their favorite Brands
Brands add a new user-generated video into their own channel by verifying it
Users (Content Creators) rewarded with FAN Tokens when brands verify their videos
Brands add products to new user-generated videos
Users (Content Creators) rewarded with FAN Tokens when Brands add products to their videos
Users (Content Creators) join Campaigns to win prizes
Users (Viewers) vote for the winning video
Users (Viewers) rewarded with FAN Tokens for voting the winning video
Users (Content Creators) rewarded with FAN Tokens for winning a campaign
Users (Viewers) buy directly from a Brand’s website
Users (Viewers) buy from Fanfare e-Store using FAN Tokens
Brands earn FAN Tokens from sale of products in Fanfare e-Store

US$165.59 billion

Projected size of Social Commerce market by 2021

Fanfare is now available on iOS and Android

FAN Token Distribution

Use of Funds from Sale

Total FAN token supply: 2,000,000,000 FAN

FAN token supply for Private sale: 400,000,000 FAN (20% bonus)

FAN token supply for PreICO sale: 200,000,000 FAN (10 % bonus)

FAN token supply for Crowdsale: 200,000,000 FAN (5% bonus for Part 1, 0% bonus for Part 2)

Price of FAN token: 1 ETH = 10,000 FAN

Unsold tokens will be burned

Fanfare Timeline

What we have accomplished till date


December 2016

Fanfare App development begins

May 2017

Beta launch of Fanfare App with 20,000 users

August 2017

Official launch of Fanfare App

October 2017

Fanfare App hits 150,000 downloads

January 2018

Official launch of Fanfare Brand App

February 2018

Preparation for ICO


Private Sale

Stay Tuned


To Be Announced


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Meet Our Team

Vincent Lim

Co-Founder & CEO

Media & Entertainment Maverick & Entrepreneur

Michael Chua

Co-Founder & CMO

Award-Winning Film Director & Serial Entrepreneur

Benny Phang

Co-Founder & CSO

Investment Strategist with experience in Investor Relations

Gerald Tan

Co-Founder & CIO

Business Strategist & Entrepreneur

Kenneth Ng

Co-Founder & CTO

CEO of Project Kanzen, an IT development agency

Shaun Ang

Head of UI/UX

Founder of Project Kanzen, 17 Years of Design Experience.

Dong Le

Senior Engineer

Big Data Systems Developer for Social Network & e-Commerce Platforms

Christelle Tsang

Media Producer

e-Business and Digital Marketing Specialist

Kelvin Ko

VP of Marketing

CEO of KGC Consulting and Sales & Marketing Director of Knovatech


Wulf Kaal

Professor at University of St Thomas School of Law. Crypto Speaker, Entrepreneur, Technologist, Blockchain Strategist

Ralph Liu

Chairman of AeFT, Advisor to many leading ICOs & blockchain technology companies, former Investment Banker

Gabriel Morey

Advisor for Electroneum coin, MTV Mobile COO in Japan

Ben Tuff

Former Managing Partner at MEC (now Wavemaker), Digital Marketing Specialist

Lee Young Mo

Korean Capital Market Specialist; Investment Strategist, CEO of Seoulbound Inc.

Brett Johnson

Security Advisor & Online Fraud Prevention Expert; Penetration Testing Specialist

Kenneth Oh

Senior Partner of Dentons Rodyk & Davidson’s Corporate Practice

David Drake

Founder & Chairman, LDJ Capital; Managing Partner, The Soho Loft Media Group; Advisor to WePower, Polymath and NAGA

Alex Qian

Blockchain Technical Advisor. CTO of Knovatech and CEO of Itering. Experience with AntShares (NEO), Ethereum and EOS

Legal Advisor

Strategic Partner

Julian So

Chief Business Development Officer

Kevin Tan

Senior Vice President (Private Finance)

Gerald Gn

Vice President (Structured Products)


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